How much does it Cost to Build an App like UberEats

How much does it Cost to Build an App like UberEats

Gone are the days when women woke up early to pack a tiffin and people put up with bland food in an office cafeteria. 

With the growing amount of work on our desks, and with that, the pandemic, one of the best ways to start a business is to build an app like UberEats.

Long hours of work make people crave for shawarma or a kebab in the middle of the day from their office desks! So, why not go ahead? 

Build an app like UberEats that caters to their needs Who knows? You too can become the next UberEats in your locality and if you are successful, perhaps the world, at large! But before that, let us first get a peek into this kind of business before consider things like the cost to develop an app like UberEats.

Studies show that more than 60 percent of the people in the US get their food online at least once a week and choose ordering their food online into dining out with their family. over 30 percent of these spend a minimum of $50 on their orders. 

Studies also show that over 60 percent of orders received by restaurants come from online services. Online orders have, in fact, increased by 300 since the year 2014 and are believed to increase by the years, which means that apps like UberEats will only operate more successfully. 

UberEats, as we all know, is an American platform that deals with the delivery of food around the world, keeping hungry customers satisfied by taking care of their meals. Having begun as a taxi service, today the brand has grown to extend its services to people looking for something to eat between work hours too. 

As a food triangle Uber Eats works with customers, delivery partners and restaurant partners in different localities over the world following a three-tiered transactional strategy i.e. business to business, business to partner and business to customer. 

So restaurants provide a menu, customers make a choice from that menu, UberEats gets its delivery partners to deliver them for you. These drivers, as most of us think, are not employees of the company, but partners along with UberEats. 

So, today, you can get anything that you are craving for, ready on your desk with just a few taps on your phone, thanks to services like Uber Eats 

That said, Uber East follows a four-step operating model which we shall quickly see below

Finding the Restaurant – 

This is the first step in the UberEats business model, where the restaurant from which the order has been made is located. 

Placing the Order – 

Now a customer places an order on UberEats, which means Uber Eats further places an order from the restaurant from which he can pick the order

Picking the Order – 

So, once ordered, the next step obviously is to pick the food, which its delivery partners will do. 

Delivering the Order – 

Finally, the delivery partner arrives at the address mentioned by the customer to hand him his food and receive the payment in turn. 

So, these are the four steps that make up the Uber business model. 

How Does UberEats Make Money?

To begin with, we all know that Uber Eats is a successful business that has been doing well for itself in the past couple of years. 

So, how does UberEats make its money? 

For this, let us look at the business-to-business strategy. This is the area that the company makes the most profit, by earning a commission of 30 percent with each order placed. 

You see, a person craving for food in an office would have just thought about all the hassle in going all the way to Dominos and shrugged the idea off instead, satisfying himself with an ordinary pizza from the office canteen.

So UberEats has done both a favour and in turn deserves a commission for this, don’t you think? 

And with the number of people craving for something to eat at different times and from different office desks over the world, you can only imagine the amount of profit a trusted brand like UberEats manages to make!

Apart from this, the charges made to a customer may also include a small fee, depending on the location, a small service fee, and in some cases, a very small order fee. 

So, when a customer pays a certain amount of money for his food, 70 percent of it goes to the restaurant, some amount from what remains goes to the delivery partner and the remaining is for the company to keep. 

And this is how UberEats makes its money!

How To Build An App Like UberEats

So, you are now fixed on the idea of creating a food delivery app of your own. If you are new to the business, you would surely be lost as to how to start and the steps to be taken by you. 

If that is the case, here are the fives steps that we provide for you to help you: 

How To Build An App Like UberEats

1. Research –

They say, nothing begins without good research, and there is a lot that you need to research before creating a food delivery app like ubereats.

One of the first things you need to do is study the industry and the latest trends. Food delivery is an industry that is constantly advancing, which is all the more reason for you to be more alert and make a note of the changes happening in the market. 

For instance, a lot of On-Demand famous Food Delivery apps are making greater use of social media, virtual assistants and even wearable devices with their services. 

2. Decide On A Model

Starting any business is not as simple as getting excited about an idea and lunging forward to implement. 

You need to give careful thought into how you are going to go about it, choose the kind of food delivery model that you would want to go with, and so on. 

This adds a more systematic approach to your business and also provides a good impression to your audience out there

For instance, there are some apps that are order-only. This means they only deal with presenting a customer with a good platform to find the food they want, Zomato being one among them. 

These apps do a lot of help to restaurants around by way of making them more easy to find as customers search for what they want by making use of filters. 

The order that they make will then be processed by the restaurant who will send their own couriers. 

Perhaps this is a model that you can begin with as a way to start till you think you are successful and confident enough to become an order-and-delivery platform. 

3. Have a Target Audience In Mind

Keeping a target audience in mind goes a long way in helping you streamline your business as you get to focus on specializing in a certain area. 

Your target could be fast food lovers, fitness freaks, vegetarians and the list goes. 

Begin by finding out something that you are passionate about and then targeting the audience in this field. 

Having a specific target gives your app a unique look and feel that goes away in making it more impressive to the audience. For instance, if our target is breakfast eaters, a person looking for a good breakfast will first think of you. 

Some other things that you can keep in mind when you choose a target are the budget, age and health requirements of your customers. 

4.  Build On the Features

Again, this goes a long way in creating an impression of your service to those you advertise it to. 

Take some time out to plan how it is going to look online, what it is going to offer customers, and so on. 

Some things you can consider when working on the features of your business is how you can make life easier for your users. Consider the possible issues that your target audience could come across to find good answers to this. 

Some things that you can keep in mind here are the method of ordering, options for payment, notifications and ways to track one’s notifications as these are some of the major challenges that customers go through as they order food from an online delivery app. 

An easy login and search menu, good customer support and a cart are some other must-haves to build an app like UberEats

5. Technology

Finally, technology is another very important thing to keep in mind when beginning a food delivery startup, and especially one that is built on an app. 

Choose your tech team wisely, and with that, the kind of app you would want to develop. Consider the technologies you would want to use, and ways to make life easier for your customer and you. 

Cost To Build An App Like UberEats

One of the many worries on the back of our mind, when we think of starting something new, is obviously money. 

That said, let us have a look at how much it costs to build a food delivery app

Remember that an app is made up of many elements. There are platforms to think of, features to consider, number of integrations to deal with and so on. 

So, while you may or may not need an office space, there will be a cost that you need to think of. There are hours of work that your back end team will put in, 

What Is the Cost to Build An App Like UberEats?

So, to give you a figure, we can safely say that to develop a full-fledged On-Demand food delivery app like UberEats, you are going to need approximately of $25,000 in your pocket, and this figure can increase if you plan to create a web app. 

However, if not, do not worry. Let us see how we can go about it on a budget. 

For one, you can make use of existing APIs, where you can receive all the required building blocks to develop your business. This way, you can build an app at a reduced cost and even hasten its development in the process. 

Mobile Apps Development All your programmers need to do here is to assemble the blocks together and you can come up with an app as functional as Uber Eats. 

Now, all you have to do is optimize the app for your users. This means you will be spending much less than you otherwise would if you were to create an app like UberEats. 

How To Develop An App Like UberEats Successfully

How To Develop An App Like UberEats Successfully

Okay, now that we saw the steps to build a food delivery app like ubereats and how much does it cost, let us move on to look at a few things that you can consider to make a good app. 

1. For Your Customers

The phrase “customer is King is not to be taken lightly, for at the end of the day, what is a food delivery app without customers who come to order food from you? 

So, see that you place your customers first and provide for their needs as much as you can, from creating an easy-to-navigate app, to a wide variety of choices, and most of all, good service with the ability to track their order, get in touch with the restaurant or delivery service and so on

And at the end of the day, don’t forget to provide some space for ratings and reviews in which customers can enter their feedback. 

2. For Your Delivery Partners

Remember these are more than just drivers, without whom you would be unable to run your business. 

So features that help them book deliveries and estimate the delivery options will go a long way in keeping them happy and satisfied with working with you. 

3. For Your Restaurant Partners

Now, these are the gems of your business, the one that you receive your revenues from, and hence, are no less important than the other two. 

Some ways that you could think of while developing an app is by way of a content management system that publishes their menu in a more attractive way and perhaps a space to launch their promotions and offer promo codes to customers out there!

Now, Create An App Like UberEats

So, there you are! 

Now that you know all that you need to do, all the best in creating and launching your food delivery app with all the inputs we hope we gave you. 

It may not be easy at first. There will be challenges to deal with on the way. Remember that you are going to have competition and may not find restaurants to partner with. 

One way that you work is to partner with the new and upcoming eateries in your area which are in need of promotion and work your way as you receive the recognition you need and with that , we hope to order our food soon someday from you!

build An App Like UberEats

Restaurants operators should comprehend the industry’s increasing diversity beyond aggregators with a significant public presence before expressing their views about mobile ordering applications. As restaurants are less content with their reliance on third parties to be sold online, they would profit from looking for alternative ordering and delivery options that control them.

If you are looking for your custom food delivery app development, contact our business and sales team at +91 93090 90932 or [email protected].

Faq to build an app like ubereats

Okay, now that we saw almost everything, let us move on to having a look at a few questions that come to mind when it comes to building and creating a food delivery app. 

What is the best way to create such an app?

One of the most important things that you need to pay attention to, that is, if you are looking for an easy way to create an app is the team you choose to hire. This will go a long way in saving your time, money and effort and keep you on track with the rivals competing with you.

How can I reduce the cost of creating an app? 

Okay, one way in which you can get this done is by hiring an offshore development team. And this is not difficult as you have a couple of them in India who are waiting to provide you their services. These developers mainly charge you according to the number of hours they put in, which won’t come up to more than a 400. 

How will I make money as a food delivery app? 

Food delivery apps mainly make money through commissions they receive from their orders. And apart from that, there are advertisements and promotions that they also do, and get paid for. And there are various other ways of revenue generation. It all depends on what your business model is, so get all the learning and advice that you can. Plan wisely. 

What is the most important thing to an effective delivery service?

And the answer is a powerful mobile app, coupled with a strong backend infrastructure. These two put together will take care of your entire delivery side. 

How do I create a successful app?

One of the biggest keys is learning from other successful apps.and there are more than a couple of them out there when it comes to food delivery. Learn and observe all that you can but make sure you come up with new ideas to stay unique at the end of the day. 

Keep improving each day, and updating your app on a timely basis. Watch out for the needs of your customers, pay attention to what they say in your reviews and find new ways to make life easier for them each day, and who knows, before you know it you will create an app that is soon to be a favourite of all. 

Now, Create An App Like UberEats

So, there you are! 

Now that you know all that you need to do, all the best in creating and launching your food delivery app with all the inputs we hope we gave you. 

It may not be easy at first. There will be challenges to deal with on the way. Remember that you are going to have competition and may not find restaurants to partner with. 

One way that you work is to partner with the new and upcoming eateries in your area which are in need of promotion and work your way as you receive the recognition you need> 

And with that , we hope to order our food soon someday from you!


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