Multi-Delivery App: How To Build A Super App Like Gojek?


As you know, super apps are trending, and Gojek is one of the popular multi delivery app development applications. The application offers multiple on-demand services under a single roof. There is versatility available for dominating the daily lives of the users. You can get a lot of benefits with the building of multiple on-demand service applications. The gaining of customer loyalty is possible for the business owners. There are many creative ideas that will pop up in their head.

The users are concentrating on the various types of services. On-demand food delivery, on-demand grocery delivery, medicine delivery, and cab delivery services are provided to the customers. It is increasing the demand for super applications in the market. There are different offers and deals available to the users who are downloading the application. It has a simple user-interface design with safe and secure payment options. The building of a successful application is possible with different options.

How a super app like Gojek earns money?

The earning of the Super Mobile App Development is increasing. The business model with the super applications is covering various services, including lifestyle, enjoyment, and financial needs. It will allow an application like Gojek to earn a good amount of revenue each year. Some of the strategies for earning money with the super application are listed below.

1.    Fees from the customer 

The app like Gojek is a convenient stop for the users. It will help in meeting the needs and requirements of the users. There is no requirement to go to different shops for the purchasing of different items. In return, the customers are paying at the online application. There is charging a small fee for each order placed on the super application.

2.    Delivery commission to super apps 

There are drivers available for the delivery of the products at the doorstep. For each order, the drivers will get a small commission. The earning of money is possible for super app like Gojek. The chances of making money are possible for both parties. It is a source of earning for the individuals.

3.    Commission for business 

With an increase in sales, the super applications business can earn a commission. It will provide commission on each order at the online site. The meeting of the needs and requirements is possible with the business commission.

These are the sources available for earning money for super app like Gojek. An increase in the revenue is possible for the individuals.

Easy Steps to Build a Super App Like Gojek

The following are the easy steps that allow you to build a super application similar to Gojek. You need to follow them to develop a successful application.

1. Select the right platform 

For the building of a super application, there are three options available. Native application, Cross-platform, and web application are the three main platforms for the creation of a successful super application. The compatibility of the Super Mobile App Development is possible both on Android and iOS. Reaching the targeted audience is possible for the users.

2. List of the amazing features 

If you want to build an app like Gojek, then you include a list of amazing features. It should have a feature of social integration, GPS, and multi-language support. A feature of schedule booking is possible with multiple on-demand services. The bookings are possible on a regular basis for the users. There are push notifications available to the users through the super application. The payment gateway integration is essential for the building of a super application.

3. Technology stack with the application 

For the support to the multiple functionalities, there is a need for the technological stack. The handling of multiple functions is possible to the users. It is a must feature that you need to include for building super applications. The technology should provide a suite to both Android and iOS.

4. Design and development 

Once you are done with the goals, then you can concentrate on the design and development. The use of the right wireframe is essential as it is the skeleton of the mobile application. The starting should be with the actual backend code to have the benefits.

5. Testing of the platform 

If you want to go live with the super application, then there is a need to test the feature. Make sure that the application is bug-free for the users. The testing is through the real-time users to have the desired experience for the individuals. The use of beta testing is an ideal choice available for the performance of the testing. It is possible to leave feedback on the application. The fixing of the bugs is essential to offer the application to the users.

How much does it cost to build a super app like Gojek?

The average cost for the on-demand multi-delivery app development like Gojek is $20-$40 per hour in the country. It can increase as per the requirement of the developers. You can calculate the total cost to develop a super application for meeting the on-demand needs.

Multi-delivery app development with iCoderz!

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