Code Of Conduct For Mobile App Developers : Continuous Integration (CI) And Continuous Delivery (CD) Practices

Code Of Conduct For Mobile App Developers : Continuous Integration (CI) And Continuous Delivery (CD) Practices
Code Of Conduct For Mobile App Developers : Continuous Integration (CI) And Continuous Delivery (CD) Practices

Mobile app developers are a constantly evolving species. With the changing world, they have developed a number of methodologies to improve their mobile app development cycles. They are under constant pressure to deliver better and quicker mobile apps so they keep inventing all the time.

One of the methods that the mobile app developers have imbibed into their code of conduct is the practice of continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) of codes. These practices benefit them in many ways. But, before we indulge into what these benefits are, let’s have a look at what CI and CD means.

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Continuous Integration (CI)

Think of a mobile app development team consisting of five individual developers. They are developing an On Demand Food Delivery app together. The team leader has entrusted different modules of the mobile app to different developers.

One of the mobile app developers is integrating the real-time GPS tracking of order delivery. The second developer is working on the payment module. At the same time, the third developer is developing the module for the management of dishes, menus, and cuisines. The fourth developer is responsible for developing the admin panel and master admin panel whereas the fifth developer is, in fact, the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) designer.

End of every day, they will copy their codes into a centralized repository so that the team leader can see how much work they have accomplished. The team leader can patch everything together and compare the combined results with the milestones.

The mobile app developers may merge all codes several times a day, too, to avoid conflicts. This is what continuous integration means.

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Continuous Delivery (CD)

Continuous delivery (CD) is quite similar to continuous integration. When you hire mobile app developers or a mobile app development company, you set milestones for the development process.

Here, in place of setting big milestones, you set smaller milestones. These milestones are small targets that mobile app developers achieve in hours or days. After meeting those milestones, they deliver these codes to your main mobile app. So your mobile app is updated frequently with minor changes.

This is a continuous delivery system. It is a small build cycle with very small milestones. You don’t receive a huge parcel at the end of every month. Instead, your mobile app developers send you small chunks every day.

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Benefits of Continuous Integration (CI) And Continuous Delivery (CD) Methods

There are many benefits of continuous integration for mobile app developers. On the other hand, continuous delivery is more beneficial to clients and end users.

First of all, continuous integration prevents issues of integrations. If any issue arises, mobile app developers can see it instantly and solve it then and there.

If there are any bugs, they can track them to the smaller code changes they have integrated. They don’t have to look at the complete build for the sake of a quick bug fix. It saves a lot of time which eventually results in saving money too.

When using CI methodology, mobile app developers can commit to code frequently. It also improves their productivity.

The testing and QA works become easier and more accurate due to little changes.

The continuity keeps everybody in the loop so the team communication and confidence level of the team improves dramatically.

More Benefits Of CI & CD

Mobile app developers can categorize their tests and use a feedback mechanism. They can even stage builds. As a result, when they discover a bug or a unit test fails and they want to roll back to the last bug-free version, they don’t need to debug the entire build. Again, it saves a lot of time and money.

Mobile app developers have the constant availability of the current build when they want to test anything.

Continuous integration of codes automatically generates certain metrics that are very helpful to developers. Using them, they can focus on the quality of code.

Mobile app developers can bid goodbye to the last-minute mobile app delivery problems when they use the method of continuous delivery (CD).

Continuous delivery also speeds up the process of adding new features, updating the mobile app and squashing those pesky bugs.

Things To Consider While Setting Up CI & CD

So, we are on the same page about the benefits of continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD). There are a few things that we need to consider while setting up CI and CD.

Cloud Repository

If mobile app developers use a cloud repository for continuous integration of their codes, they can run the build process in the background. As a result, they can continue working on their tasks while the build is being prepared. It saves a lot of time on a daily basis but a steady and high-speed internet connection is must for such a setup.

Continuous Delivery

All the successful mobile app companies release at least 1 update every month. They can release as many as 4 updates a month which means 1 update every week. These updates can include bug fixes, new features, and user requests. If you have to go for a weekly cycle, it can take about a day every month just to release the updated app. Set up the continuous delivery in such a way that it deploys all the relevant updates to relevant App Stores automatically.

Final Thoughts

Mobile app developers are unsung heroes of our modern world. We use mobile apps developed by them but we never get to know even their name and they don’t regret it. They enjoy this process and keep enjoying it through constant changes like continuous integration and continuous delivery of their codes.

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