How Much Does it Cost to Build an App like Grubhub?

How much does it cost to build an app like Grubhub?

Common Facts about online Food Delivery Apps:-

Nowadays online food delivery apps such as cost to build an app like GrubHub have made a significant place in the hearts of foodies. Since satisfying hunger has become more convenient through such apps.

The pandemic is responsible for a significant boom in the food delivery business apps. Ever since the pandemic, the lifestyle of people has changed massively. Amongst it, food delivery apps have become saviors for hotels and restaurants to savor the taste.

As per statistics, it is estimated that around 53.9 million people in the U.S.A would use online food delivery apps for ordering their desired food by 2023. In recent times, these apps have become the primary target of all entrepreneurs as well as the startups who are looking forward to fueling their business in the digital world.

It is because generating colossal revenue in the business of on-demand food delivery apps has become more convenient.

What is GrubHub?

The food delivery apps make the lives of people convenient. GrubHub is one such app It has become one of the most popular apps.  The primary reason behind its popularity is that it can be downloaded easily from the play store and it offers speedy delivery within time.

GrubHub is one of the common online food delivery apps and it is based in Chicago. It has currently spread across 4000+ cities. The company works in a wide range of locations and gets properly connected with various local restaurants and diners. 

The firm constitutes 31.4 million+ active diners and around 3,00,000 restaurant partners. Along with Grubhub, there are a lot of food delivery apps that have become largely popular with the help of different mobile applications.

Since customers can satisfy hunger from the comfort of their own home. The customer can simply order and get the food at the doorsteps by just tapping a few clicks on such apps. This primary convenience of such mobile apps is the reason behind the sudden boom of food delivery apps.

As per statistics the online food delivery industry is evolving and flourishing and the major help in this whole procedure is mobile applications.

What are the Different Types of Food Delivery Apps?

cost to build an app like Grubhub?

Below are two kinds of online food delivery apps which are present in the current mobilized economy:-

1. Aggregator

This type of model helps in making the apps that can perfectly work as a platform for connecting both users as well as restaurants. The aggregator model helps the users in ordering their desired food and the completion of the order can be marked as successful without any delivery support.

2. Platform with logistic support

The restaurants are provided support for delivering food to a wide range of users. Keeping apart the food preparation, users can get full-service offers of the restaurant.

Such types of apps offer users a wide range of options for choosing from different food items from the menu and to instantly place an order followed by tracking it.

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How to generate revenue in the Food-Delivery Business?

There is a wide range of ways to monetize the orders which come from on-demand restaurant apps. Some of the common ways are as follows:-

#1. Delivery charges 

At times it shows that several restaurants don’t have this facility to deliver food to your doorstep. On the other hand, if the food is getting delivered by home delivery personnel then the customer is bound to pay some delivery charges.

Such a type of business model where it becomes easy for taking the accountability to handle demanded home delivery becomes one of the prime sources for generating revenue. It’s important to mention that most of the food delivery apps are solely dependent on revenue which comes from food delivery as one of the primary sources.

#2. Rise in Price

The price of the order tends to increase on rainy days in online food delivery apps even if the number of orders isn’t abundant. There are different Cost to Build an App like Grubhub brands such as UberEats which escalate the prices as per the demand.

They limit the options in the menu by applying additional charges when the user places the order. Although the overall process doesn’t impact the incoming customers’ request rate, this affects per delivery.

#3. Advertisement 

These online food delivery apps offer restaurants a meagre section in their ongoing different running advertisement by charging a little amount in return. Keeping this, these apps also earn a lot of revenue by running Google Adsense. It is known as one of the most common ways to generate colossal revenue.

#4. Marketing a food delivery app

Different online food delivery apps are available currently. Some of the best among them are GrubHub, Seamless, Zomato etc. All of these online food delivery apps are top-ranked so the competition is huge here. All the above-mentioned advantages are regarded as aggregators of the menu from different places.

How long does it take to create an app for online food delivery?

The below-mentioned information would guide how much time it takes to develop such an app for restaurants so that they can provide delivery services to their potential clients.

Nowadays almost every restaurant offers delivery service to the customers. Although the way to order the food might be a little different. For example, customers are less likely to order from those apps where they need to do extra steps as well as clicks for ordering their food. Customers prefer simple and easy steps to order food.

Below some steps are enumerated about the development stage as well as the average timeline of online food delivery apps:-

1. Planning Stage 

This stage is counted as the most initial and unique stage to develop an app. Planning should be done in such a way that it would be advantageous not only for customers but also for the developer team. This period of this stage is around 2-3 weeks.

2. Business Analytics 

This period usually ranges between 2-4 weeks. The business analysis project managers, specialists as well as app developers work in sync with the customer for discussing and forming better solutions.

For instance, in the online food delivery apps, a catalog of the goods is discussed, the ability to place an order, typing the address for completion of the delivery followed by payment and tracking order is discussed.

3. Pre-Development stage and designing

This stage includes various stages on which the usual time to develop an app is based on:-

  • UX Design

The working of the user interface is decided by the UX designer in this stage within 2-3 weeks. They also discuss the buttons and screens which would be further added.

Good UX designs facilitate higher interaction of customers with the applications thus completing the end goal.

  • Ul Design

This stage mainly focuses on the presentation. The functioning of the ways is automated by the UX designers. The appearance of the app is controlled by the UI designer. This period ranges from 3-4 weeks since the creation of unique as well as attractive interactive must be done by the designers for the application.

4. Development Stage

This period takes 8-10 weeks since it constitutes multiple stages such as:-

  • Back end development

This period of development consumes around 6-8nweeka since it works with the server as well as a database of the app. For any kind of service application, the storage of the data takes place in the back-end server. 

After launching the application by the user, the data surfaces from the back-end service and the same is depicted on the screen of your mobile phone managed by the installation of the app on the phone. This is very critical for online food delivery apps since it doesn’t require offline functionality.

  • Front end development

These development stages include organization as well as rendering the data from the back end. It usually requires 6-8 weeks for completion of this stage. After the completion of the app development, the app would be taken to test for the next 14 days and bugs would be fixed by the developers which have been found by the testers. Ensuring quality analysis along with a good testing team is significant.

5. Launch and Finalization

After the app is tested, the final stage of preparation comes which is important to finalize all the details, fix the bugs and publish the application on both Google Play as well as App Store. The usual time of this stage is around 1 week.

6. Post-launch maintenance and support stage

After launching the app, it becomes the responsibility of the development team to observe the further performance of the app for about two weeks to ensure that it works properly and fulfills all the needs.

How Much Does it Cost to Build an App like Grubhub?

There are a lot of factors involving the estimation of the total cost to build an app like GrubHub of mobile app development. The approximated cost of apps also largely depends on different features which are required in the on-demand food delivery mobile as well as resources required for developing the apps from the initial stage to the active phase.

The estimated cost to Build an App like GrubHub takes around $30,000 to $50,000. The approximate cost of one online food delivery includes delivery charges of all mobile app design as well as the development of iOS and Android versions of the app, app launch, and app testing in the potential market.

If you need to make an app for different restaurants you need to invest around $50k -$60k.


The above article would guide and provide with all the appropriate information regarding the functioning, development, designing, investment as well as demand of online food delivery apps. By following such steps you can easily make a successful food delivery app.

Restaurants operators should comprehend the industryโ€™s increasing diversity beyond aggregators with a significant public presence before expressing their views about mobile ordering applications. As restaurants are less content with their reliance on third parties to be sold online, they would profit from looking for alternative ordering and delivery options that control them. If you are also looking for your on-demand food delivery app development, contact our business and sales team at +91 93090 90932 or [email protected].


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