Building TikTok Clone App in India with React Native: Cost & Features

Building Tiktok clone app in India with React Native | iCoderz Solutions
Building Tiktok clone app in India with React Native | iCoderz Solutions

Before we share about the TikTok Clone App with React Native and it’s features and cost in India. Let me give you a brief idea about the success of TikTok social media application. 

Recently the government of India has decided to ban TikTok along with other 58 Chinese applications. This is due to enhance the security of the Indian citizens in the global platform. After the same, it acquired hassle to develop similar applications like TikTok for the Indian citizens. 

TikTok who was extremely popular among the Indians has no longer be available for the Indian citizens to access. Before the ban, India had the maximum number of TikTok users which covers about 30% of the total users available. There is a desperate need to bring out a certain alternative to TikTok.

TikTok Usage By Country | iCoderz Solutions

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As per the latest tweet of American President, Chinese apps will soon be banned in the entire states of America. 

Technologies required for making a mobile app like TikTok 

TikTok Downloads Rocket In India During 2019

For developing any application like TikTok there is a desperate need for AI technology. The complete platform of TikTok is made by assisting the AI algorithm to understand the tags. Furthermore, it also requires cloud storage, Google cloud storage, or Amazon S3 can work out effectively in this case. Programming languages including Kotlin and Java are quite sufficient for Android app development. On the other hand, swift is such a beneficial programming language in the case of iOS app development.

React native is one of the best programming languages that we can use for hybrid app development. Tiktok clone react native should be provided with certain features to make it robust.

Must-have features to create an app like TikTok

Well, TikTok is a hub of various salient features. Some of the features which you should include in the TikTok clone react native application are as follows.

  • Simple user interface

Tiktok is quite easy to access without applying any of the special procedures. From the landing page, people can easily access it.

  • Signing in

This feature is present in many applications. It is essential to enhance the security of the users on the same platform.

  • Filters and effects

Like other social media platforms, TikTok is also a hub for various filters, and effects. These filters and effects are quite helpful in providing a better experience to the users.

  • Music library

Various musical clips are available in TikTok to provide a better interface to the users. Actually TikTok is all about making videos in music clips, so there is a desperate need for the same.

  • Sharing

Sharing is one of the salient features of any of the social media platforms. The same holds true with Tiktok. Anyone can make videos and duet on TikTok and share them on their social media platforms.

  • Efficient settings

The settings of TikTok allow the user to alter various default settings of the TikTok. Users can easily protect the privacy of our platform just by altering some of the options in settings.

Steps of creating an application like TikTok

Here are some of the steps by which you can develop your TikTok clone react native application at affordable prices.

  • Researching the target market

Find out what type of users are generally attracted to your application. Customize the application on the basis of this. Designing the application on the basis of the prevailing trends are of utmost importance. Researching the target market before launching the application helps in the better success of any of the applications.

  • Adopting the right business model specifically for app monetization

After you will get to know about your target market the next thing that you need to care about is the monetization model of your application. Advertising, in-app purchases are some of the models for app monetization.

  • Taking the assistance of a mobile app development company.

Mobile app development companies can provide better aid in TikTok like app development. There are certain criteria on the basis of which you should choose that app development company. Experience level and prior feedback are also among them. Android app development companies or iOS app development companies are quite fruitful for designing applications in a single platform. Before launching your own application you should release your minimum viable product (MVP) to get to know about the limitations of your application.

What are the benefits of TikTok app development?

  • Low maintenance
  • High traffic in a short period of time
  • High popularity
  • Cost-effective
  • User friendly
  • Easy accessible
  • Customized

How much does it cost to develop the TikTok clone react native application?

There are various factors on the basis of which cost can be described. If you are providing more features than the cost will likely grow. On the basis of some of the estimates, the cost will fall around 30,000 USD. But it is quite cost-effective, you can easily earn ample money from an app like TikTok Clone react native by the following means.

  • Advertising
  • In-app purchases
  • Cooperation
  • Fundraising

iCoderz Solutions help with social media app development using both React Native and flutter app development frameworks. Inquire more by logging on to our official webpage.

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