5 Reasons Why Your Grocery Store Needs a Grocery Delivery App?

top 5 Reasons Why Your Grocery Store Needs a Grocery Delivery App

2022 is the age of digitalization and modernization. You may want to correct my previous sentence by relating it to the pandemic- but trust me; it is the year for digitalization. And I will explain it to you- how! My today’s topic is clear and concise. I want to highlight grocery store owners and grocery multi-chain store owners about the advantages and necessities of having a grocery delivery app for their grocery outlet. In 2022, having a mobile app for grocery stores is quite mandatory for boosting business/sales.

As we are an on-demand grocery delivery app development company, we get to interact with various clients in the day who owns a grocery store or outlet. In fact, some questions amaze us during the scheduled discussion call, which states their innocence for the digital marketing and digitalization field. 

Often clients ask us that-

Why do I need a mobile app for grocery stores that I own? 

My grocery store has great sales and business. Do you think going digital will help me boost my business? 

Will my regular client visit other stores if I develop a grocery delivery app for my outlet?

Will the online grocery delivery app affect my offline business sales?

Do famous grocery store owners invest in grocery delivery apps?

I am quite happy with the ongoing sales, why should I connect with any online grocery app company?

The changing shopping behavior 

Grocery delivery apps are necessary for catering to a significant niche in your market. The current age is the age of digitalization, where everyone is using a cell phone for maximizing their comfort and lifestyle. Mobile phones are no more a gadget for only receiving calls and playing games; it is indeed a part of your commercial lifestyle too. Mobile phones are now a part of your online shopping that minimizes your need for visiting offline markets or stores. Using a mobile phone- you can make your lives more comfortable and simpler in many ways. Thus, we recommend a mobile app for grocery stores

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5 Reasons, Why Grocery Delivery App is Must For Grocery Outlet

Grocery store owners, I need your attention here because I am going to reveal the top five reasons that explain how your offline grocery store or grocery chain outlets need a grocery delivery app for maximizing sales or business. So, let me share each point with a detailed explanation.

1. Builds Loyal Customer Base

I am sure your grocery outlet is quite popular in your locality or city. You might be having a great number of footfalls every year for generating great business or sales. But have you thought that when it is a holiday or when there is any emergency requirement of grocery- your customers will prefer to buy things online? Your customers might think that today your grocery store is closed so they can promptly visit an online store for buying essentials. And this is exactly how your customer base is getting disturbed. 

When you have a mobile app for grocery stores- your customer will choose to login on to your store and get registered for making grocery shopping easy and comfortable. In fact, if your store is popular in your locality, then it is easy to advertise about your new grocery delivery app.

If you are new to the grocery business- starting it with an app is the best way to build a loyal customer base. Home delivery is one of the most convenient options for everyone living in the digital age. Indeed, in their busy lives, people hardly have time to visit the daily market for buying fruits, vegetables, and groceries. 

2. Delivers Comfort and Luxury of Home Delivery

The first point we ended up with the same note. Home delivery is a state of luxury for many people in the world. How would a working couple manage to get time for buying essentials amidst the daily busy routine? Always people love to get quality groceries and vegetables at home via home delivery apps.

eCommerce is not only trending from the last few years, but it has proved itself as an essential requirement for many of us. 

Online grocery delivery apps will prove extremely beneficial for your grocery outlet because it will make your customers shop things online via the mobile app that you have designed for your grocery outlet. Indeed, things will be easy for customers to access via filtering the search results for categories and products.

A grocery delivery application is undoubtedly the best investment that you can make for your grocery outlet. 

3. Customer Behaviour Can be Easily Tracked

When customers arrive at your offline grocery store for buying groceries, you cannot track their shopping behavior for sure. There are two ways customers come for shopping at the offline store, the first is with the grocery shopping list that is prepared from home and the second is the visuals. People buy things that are easily visible to them at the store. Sometimes after looking at the grocery items available on the stack, customers inquire about the cost and taste and generally buy it. 

When you develop a grocery delivery application for your grocery outlet, you can easily track the shopping pattern or behavior of your clients by understanding the pattern of using the search filters and shopping cart items. Many times customers also use the notify me button for out of the stock items.

It helps your store to analyze which items are regularly purchased by the customers. Hence, you can keep those items in stock to avoid ending up your customers upset on the shopping day. Developing a mobile app for grocery stores can be really an excellent investment for those who believe in maximizing their business or sales.

4. Various Payment Methods Offered

Online grocery delivery apps offer various payment methods to the customers for paying the amount, which is not possible at the offline stores. Generally, customers complain about forgetting their card or cell phone, and later, they end up credit shopping. And, credit shopping is not a good idea to expand your business.

In fact, it can slow business productivity as your business lacks cash in comparison to the items sold. Tracking each customer’s amount that is pending for collection can also lead to many miscalculations and misunderstandings.

On the other hand, the online grocery delivery app can help your business with regular payments as the app will not allow the customers to checkout until the payment method is selected and initiated successfully. Mobile apps for grocery stores can help with 100% cash collection either in the bank or via the home delivery cash collection. 

5. Pandemic Way of Managing Business

Grocery delivery app is the best way to continue managing your business sales despite any health crisis or pandemic. The grocery items are categorized under essential items. Hence, if there is any emergency in the country- the grocery sale would continue to grow because people need food to survive and for preparing food, groceries are essential.

If you take the current pandemic example- when the entire world was shut down- the grocery delivery giants continue to soar their business. Be it BigBasket or Grofers or GroceryBabu or Postmates- the grocery delivery service continued to excel with new standard delivery rules. 

Currently, the grocery delivery apps are popular with the new standard delivery rules that are contactless and cashless deliveries. Well, it is the best way to continue doing business without spreading any Covid-19 infection. 

How to build a grocery delivery application?

To switch your grocery store into an online grocery delivery app or to start a new grocery delivery business online- you need to connect with the top on-demand grocery delivery app development company. These on-demand mobile app companies are expertise in developing grocery delivery apps from scratch.

Also, if you are interested in investing less in the online startup by renting the grocery delivery solutions that are readymade- you can also get it with the ‘pay as you use model’ from iCoderz Solutions.

A grocery delivery solution includes three different apps

  • Customer App
  • Grocery store owner App
  • Driver App

Each of these apps is having distinct features or elements that make the grocery delivery process to action. The customer app is designed to place a grocery order by filtering the grocery items on the app. Likewise, the grocer store owner app is designed to update the products and accept grocery orders from the customers.

Last but not least, the driver app is designed to pick the groceries from the store for seamless delivery. This process exactly explains how an on-demand grocery delivery app functions. 

This image depicts the growing online grocery market with yearly retail revenue generated.

Design a mobile app for grocery stores and start expanding your business 

As a grocery store owner, you need not think twice before launching your grocery delivery store online. It is one of the most growing businesses in today’s time. Your online grocery delivery application will help your existing or new grocery store with a loyal customer base. All you need to maintain is the quality of the groceries, availability of the most popular grocery brands and timely delivery for keeping your business growing and expanding.

Connect with iCoderz Solutions for on-demand grocery delivery app development service. We offer two-business solutions for your grocery delivery app development:

1) Grocery delivery customized app development, and

2) SaaS-based readymade grocery delivery solutions. We can take the conversation further- all you need is to schedule a call with our business consultant.

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