Why should a business adopt NativeScript for App Development

Why should a business adopt NativeScript for App Development
Why should a business adopt NativeScript for App Development

Pitching an idea to your seniors and getting a favourable response is never an easy process. Thus, we prepare for the unthinkable here with some key points about NativeScript. You can make notes of and present to your organization as they are.

Performance has its own words

In this region, NativeScript excels with its unique features, which offer a cross-platform app that acts like a native app. In reality, NativeScript offers a UI experience that is consistent with their devices for users across multiple platforms.

Progress and Apache back NativeScript

If large companies are involved in the business, the dread of disaster reduces. As we mentioned before, NativeScript is backed by development and earns a license from Apache 2.0, with companies involved in these initials should be confident that the platform is here to stay.

One for all cross-platform

The first thing businesses care about most is their income. Spending money on each platform is undoubtedly a loss for them, after all. Nevertheless, you only pay once with NativeScript and get an app that works on all three iOS, Android, and web sites. NativeScript uses built-in application code that is the same.

The productive developers

NativeScript developers developed it for other developers, including new practitioners who have the knowledge of modern technologies as well as the old ones who can learn it quickly. NativeScript makes the process easier for all of them with features such as TypeScript and CSS.

Supporting other JavaScript frameworks

NativeScript primarily operates on JavaScript, which is why Progress developers made it compliant with other JavaScript frameworks. It includes Angular and Vue.js support. Therefore, you do not need to download third-party plug-ins while using these frameworks.

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Big companies use NativeScript

Are you aware that companies such as SAP, Puma, and Deloitte used NativeScript to build their apps? If they used it, it could also be used by your business. Their success stories will help you invest in NativeScript as a benchmark.


Progress designers work day and night to make better NativeScript models for your comfort. Their NativeScript 6.0 is the latest and most advanced edition that has been released by developers, but the process of making it better continues forever.

Valentine Stoychev from Telerik, while announcing NativeScript, wrote:

“NativeScript core supports developers to develop native mobile applications working on all primary phone systems–Apple iOS, Google Android, and Windows Universal using pure JavaScript language. The UI stack of the application is built on the modelling and design engine of the native platform, using native UI elements. Therefore, no sacrifices are made with the application’s usability. It is also worth mentioning that the use of JavaScript provides full native access to the API.”

NativeScript designers have faced many obstacles since its conception that they have overcome now. There are still some obstacles; however, that need to be resolved. For example, developers had to create a native mobile application in their early stages and then add the JavaScript file to it. Also, there was a challenge for multiple platforms to adjust to new versions of the software. Developers had to deal with other problems such as slow build time and more reluctant technology start-ups. Nonetheless, the issues are becoming less troublesome with time and with every improved version of NativeScript.

In the recent past, NativeScript developers have come out with a solution; they call the workflow “bundle.” Developers tested different apps while using package workflow and proved successful. For this reason, if you want to work with NativeScript after version 6.0, the team has made package workflow a requirement. So it is recommended that those who do not use bundle workflow start using it. Otherwise, their applications will stop running.


NativeScript has retained its number one spot in the business application development market. For several reasons, it is the first option for all businesses. NativeScript provides a highly capable and usable program.

A variety of firms used NativeScript to build applications, which in turn helped these firms devise new market strategies. Triodos Bank is an example of this. It used to use a different framework earlier, but when faced with losses, it switched to NativeScript, and since then the business has not looked back.


Companies such as Sennheiser have seen their mobile app production rise by 40%. Magpi professionals report a three-X increase in their rate of production. The Daily Nanny app was created in half the time by using the software of this platform. CIM Mobility based in Denmark claims they saw a double rise in the performance of developers after using NativeScript.

With mobile apps almost becoming a business necessity, investing in a framework that saves money, time, and helps maximize profit does become of most significant importance. In this age, a company without an app is bound to fail to sell its product. NativeScript platform has helped many companies develop their applications based on their needs and demands. As mentioned above, all of these companies have only positive reviews of NativeScript.


If you are a company or even a programmer willing to invest and create a business application, then NativeScript is the platform for you. However, iCODERZ is a one-stop destination for all the requirements of your app development, including mobile app development, iOS app development, and Android app development. Call us now for a free quote or consultation! You can also send us an email at [email protected]

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