mHealth Apps Market Analysis and Future Trends

mHealth that stands for mobile health which refers to mobile devices for healthcare services. mHealth extensively involves multimedia technologies within mobile healthcare delivery systems. mHealth applications are projects introduced on devices, for example, smartphones, tablets and so forth. mHealth apps can be utilized for general wellbeing and wellness following, remote patient observing, counsels, illness and fitness tracking and so on.

Industry Insights

The worldwide mHealth apps market size was esteemed at USD 12.4 billion of every 2018 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 44.7% over the conjecture time frame. mHealth is the act of utilizing smartphones to monitor one’s prosperity. Mobile applications are foreseen to improve treatment results and way of life while limiting the occurrence of chronic ailments and diseases.

The utilization of such mhealth apps or say medical apps improves patient experience and helps get to wellbeing data. This helps manufacture a smooth doctor-patient communication guaranteeing straightforwardness in the treatment procedure.

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Market Size and Demands

Increase in demand for mHealth apps to make positive wellbeing result alongside the expanding inclination for mobile applications is a portion of the driving variables for the mhealth applications market.

Replacing the old traditional health care delivery systems for the patient-care system, growth in the development of health-related apps or mhealth apps is expanding due to which doctors preferring healthcare apps or mhealth applications. Also, the developing infiltration of smartphones is supporting development. It is foreseen that by 2020, smartphone users would have achieved 6.1 billion. This development is primarily anticipated from less adult markets, for example, India, Egypt, Turkey, and UAE.
Moreover, presentation of wearable gadgets from Fitbit, Apple, and Xiaomi is affecting the market. Development of the market seems positive with expanding interests in wearable tech new businesses. These new companies center around mHealth field, for example, female wellbeing, personal and women safety and hydration observing that guarantee energizing prospects for the market.

The mHealth apps market is experiencing a quick change from the initial development to a growth stage wherein more merchants are thinking about putting resources into mHealth applications. Also, the ascent in the appropriation of wearable devices evaluated to positively affect the market. Mergers and acquisitions and an expansion in the quantity of new wearable tech new businesses are escalating the challenge among application merchants. For example, in December 2016, Fitbit gained programming resources from smartwatch designer, Pebble Technology Corp.adding wellness and health abilities to its continuous portfolio. mHealth apps for Diabetes, checking blood sugar levels, blood pressure check, sleep track and more, all these are available in medicine app. Android or iOS both have consecutive ehealth apps. Fitbits, smartwatches like Apple watch wherein Apple health app is very useful for tracking health issues.

Looking at the user rates, it is 52% of users use health apps for their activities, in all average 50% users want to learn exercises and diets or follow the routine from the apps. Also, they want to track and monitor their daily performance of physical activities or their pressure levels.

72% of US people who having medical insurance think to track health data online and do prefer to communicate online with provider or doctor. A portion of the major mhealth applications showcase members is Abbott Laboratories; Johnson and Johnson; AstraZeneca PLC; F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.; Novartis AG; Bristol-Myers Squibb Company; GlaxoSmithKline plc; Merck and Co., Inc.; Pfizer, Inc.; and Sanofi.

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Benefits of using mhealth apps

  • Monitoring personal health on your smartphones through health apps.
  • A good communication between Doctor’s clinic visit.
  • Reduction in the risks of wrong information about health diagnosis.
  • Reduced medical bills and other medicinal payments
  • Creating a brand and reputation of a business.

Futuristic Conclusion

Research says that global growth by regional and country wise would increase in the healthcare industry by 2025. With mhealth apps, there would be so many key benefits into the health segments. With so much analysis and reports, it is said mhealth applications is the prevailing market in future giving numerous opportunities in health information systems.

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