How to Convert Your Native Android and IOS App to React-Native?


React native was released at the react JS conference. It is an open-source platform that does not require any specific programming language like HTML. The platform has billions of users who are making their shift from the existing framework to react native framework. The software development companies are also considering harmful applications as the go-to way for mobile application development. Business owners are convinced regarding the technology for providing a pleasant experience to the users.

If you are investing in react native app development, then you need to learn how to convert your native Android and IOS application to react native. There are two ways available to do the needful with building native applications using react native for converting an existing Android application to react native. You can choose the right one to get the desired results.

How can mobile applications leverage your business?

Mobile applications are one of the best ways of communication and have the engagement with the customers. It is providing ability for the customers to interact with the business with a particular schedule. There are different promotions and options provided with the building of mobile applications for potential customers. The reach of the mobile application is to a large number of customers with different types of offers and timely notifications.

Mobile applications are providing a rise in the growth and development of the business. The mobile application promotions and offers provide significant support to the business to increase revenue and earn more profits.

What are cross-platform applications suitable for?

Cross-platform mobile development is providing many possible uses. It is the emerging technology that is changing the way of our daily lives. Cross-platform application development is making the mobile game simple. Various technologies are involved in cross-platform development to make it more powerful and flexible than ever before. The following are the things for which cross-mobile development applications are suitable.

  • The cross-platform is developing a single application that can target both the Android as well as the iOS platform.
  • The advanced functionality and tool with the react-native development services will create a cross-platform application for similar results to native applications.
  • The cross-platform application can quickly reduce the overall cost of application development.
  • It is an easy and straightforward platform to maintain and to bring changes for running over all of the platforms.
  • The entire code of the platform can be utilized again for developing new codes for each platform.

Thus, these are the advantages of cross-platform applications. It will save them time and resources of the developers and eliminate the repetition of work in the task.

How do native and cross-platform applications differ?

The native applications are developed for a specific platform, and these are developed in a compatible language with the specific platform. These are not useful for all the platforms for running mobile applications. On the other hand, cross-platform applications are compatible with multiple platforms. You can use the application for targeting both Android and IOS. When you think about the market share of Android and IOS, most cross-platform shares are limited to these two operating systems. The demand for native applications is high for converting mobile applications like Android and IOS into React native.

Convert a native application into a cross-platform application

If you want to convert a native application into a cross-platform application, then you need to Hire React Native Developers and follow the following steps. It will convert the procedure into a simple and easy one to get proper development of the applications in 2021.

1.   Select a tool

The selection of the right cross-platform mobile application tool is essential. There are many tools available, so you need to pick a choice like Rhomobile or native script according to your choice. This will help you to use the cross-platform application for development.

2.   UI UX design

The developers need to follow the guidelines for the designing of the diverse platforms address. The functional requirements of each platform are familiar to the developers for the design. It is the next step involved in the process of converting a native application into a cross-platform application.

3.   Choosing reliable cross-platform app modules

Making use of the app module will save time and develop a platform according to requirements. It will provide the maximum exposure to convert the native platform into Android or iOS app development. Partner with a top iOS app development company to leverage their expertise, expanding your reach and ensuring successful adaptation to the iOS ecosystem.

4.   Dedicated API services for cross-platform mobile applications

The developers can make use of dedicated API services for the deployment of specific mobile applications. It does not work for medium-scale projects for the projects with minimum requirements. There is a need to tailor the services to meet the specific requirements of the platform. It is an essential step to follow to convert the native applications into cross-platform applications

5.   Accommodating features of multiple platforms

It is not just about the development environment or the operating system, all the programming language. There is a difference in the cross-platform application as they have the capability to different code sizes and device attributes. There are many things available like navigation elements, geolocation maps, and many other things. These are included in the features of the cross-platform applications

6.   Testing and App store Approvals 

The last thing is the most important one that is testing the cross-platform application. There is a need to submit the report so that there is no error available in the launching of the platform. A review of the process to control is essential to have knowledge about the quality of the application that has been implemented. Hire iOS App Developer Team to know about the reviews of the conversion of the native apps into cross-platform applications.

The Final words

In this way, the developers can convert the native applications into the cross-platform application for Android and IOS devices. You can follow the instructions available in the process to get the desired results. Dealing with both will provide a positive response to the developers.

iCoderz Solutions offer you quick solutions for converting your native iOS and Android apps to react native. Connect with our react native team for more information. Hire our react native app developers by learning more about our dedicated development model.

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