Google Currents Officially Shuts Down the Failed Social Media Network, Google Plus

Google begins shutting down its failed Google+ social network | iCoderz
Google begins shutting down its failed Google+ social network | iCoderz

On April 2nd, 2019, Google Plus was shut down by Google because of low user engagement. Google Plus failed to empower the people’s excitement for using the social media platform. As compared to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Google Plus recorded the lowest registrations as well as downloads. 

On April 10th, 2019, Google released the first look of the enterprise application that will take over Google Plus. This enterprise application will be offered to GSuite users in place of Google Plus.

Google Plus Shutdown officially | iCoderz solutions news

Ever wondered why the giant Social Media Platform, Google Plus, failed to win the hearts of the audience?

If we believe the figures shared by Google, then the platform got 10 million users in the first two weeks after its launch. Despite the famous social media players, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn- Google Plus was successful in attracting users at the time of launch. At the end of the first year, Google+ had 90 million registered users. 

Google Plus replaced Google Buzz in 2011. Google Currents officially replaces Google Plus in July 2020.

Starting today, July 7th 2020: Google Currents is officially available for downloads for both iOS and Android mobile app users. Here is the updated look and feel of the Google Currents application. Image credits: 9to5, Google.

Download Google Currents iOS Users, Android Users

Let us get back to our discussion, ‘Why Google Plus Failed’?

The former Google Plus designer rumoured about some office politics that he blamed for the failure of Google+. But let us stick to the technical aspects as there is no ground for any rumours when we already know the technical flaws.

  • Lack of user engagement was one of the things that recorded as one of the biggest failures of the giant Google social media platform, Google+. 
  • Secondly, many design errors made it difficult for users to stay engaged with the platform for longer.
  • Thirdly, despite the lack of engagement, the platform made fewer changes to it is existing social media platform. It marked as one of the biggest reasons behind the failure of Google Plus.

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Google Plus excelled for Visibility 

The users noticed the awkward User Interface (UI) since they registered with Google Plus. But one cannot deny the fact that Google Plus was best for increasing the visibility of the users. In terms of SEO, it was ranked as #1 social media platform. Every platform has both pros and cons. If Google+ worked on its UI and made it look better and dynamic, it would have excelled for sure.

Social Media Application Development

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The best social media app checklist

  • Excellent User Interface
  • Easy Registration/Login
  • 100% Data Security
  • Enhanced Visibility of the Users
  • Powerful Social Media Search Engine
  • Dynamic feeds section
  • User profile privacy 

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