How to Develop an EV Charging Station Finder App?

Develop an EV Charging Station Finder App

Everyone these days knows the importance of saving fuel for our future generations. If we do not keep a check on our fuel usage, it will be impossible for future generations to even know what it was.

As this thought is thriving incredibly these days, the automobile brands are also trying to make innovations that can lead us to save petrol on a vast scale.

Keeping this idea in mind, automobile companies have created a revolutionary idea of electric vehicles.

There are a lot of EV charging station finder apps so that people can easily find these stations. In this article, we are going to talk about how to develop an EV charging station finder app. 

These are the vehicles that can run on electricity like the other appliances in our home. This idea has been largely accepted by people all over the world. People are using electric vehicles on a very large scale.

Now the question arises, how one can keep them charged all the time. The answer lies in the question itself. 

The brands that have created electric vehicles have also installed lots of EV charging stations everywhere in cities, states, and countries.

We are also going to discuss how much it will Cost to Develop an EV charging station Finder app.

What is an EV Charging Station Finder App?

EV charging station Finder app is nothing but an app that helps you locate an EV charging station through your phone and helps you reach that station with the help of navigation.

There are a lot of EV charging station finder apps that have been created that are helping so many EV owners locate their spots to charge.

These EV charging station finder apps help you get real-time availability of the stations.

It tells you how much you need to wait at the stations and also helps you book your spot directly through your phone without waiting in the long queues.

Some of the Best EV Charging Station Finder Apps are Plugshare, ChargePoint, ChargeShare, EVHotels, etc. 

These are some of the best apps that help you locate charging stations that are nearby.

What are the Benefits of EVs?

There are a lot of benefits to an EV over a basic vehicle. Some of them are mentioned below-

  1. These vehicles don’t need a lot of maintenance.
  2. They are environmentally friendly as these cars do not emit smoke, which is a hazard to us.
  3. These vehicles have a comparatively low running cost, which makes them a great choice.
  4. You can charge these vehicles at home very easily.
  5. You don’t even have to suffer from the daily increase in fuel prices.

How does an EV Charging Station Finder App work?

Almost all the EV charging station finder app work the same. The process which is given here is a common one and can differ with different apps.

  1. Registration: As we start with any app (not just this one), you first need to register to make yourself known to the app.  You first need to make yourself openly visible to them. 

You need to register using your phone number or your email, or apple id.

  1. Permission granting: after you are registered with the app, you need to permit the app to trace your location and other permissions.

Once your location is traced, you are good to go. You will get recommendations for the stations that are near you or in your area.

  1. Find a station: Once you’ve given all the permission, you need to search for the station. After that, you can directly visit them whenever you want.
  • You can also book a position for yourself to save yourself time, from standing in long queues.
  • You can also search for the stations and get the descriptions and pictures of those stations.
  • You can also see the ratings given by other people for that station.
  1. Payments: You can also see the amount that you have to pay for one charge. You can pay it at the station once you are done charging, or you can also pay it through the app directly.

You can book a position using these apps very easily. All the apps work on the same principle as mentioned above.

What Skills do you need to have to Develop an EV Charging Station Finder App?

The most important thing you need to have to develop an EV charging station finder app is the skills. These skills will play the most important role in developing an EV charging station finder app. The combination of the right brain and skills will give you the edge in the race.

The skills required are-

  • Frontend: HTML, CSS, React Native, Swift, etc.
  • Backend: Node.js, Python, Golang, Laravel
  • Databases: My SQL, PostgreSQL, and Redis
  • Cloud services: Microsoft Azure, AWS, VULTR
  • Payments: PayPal, EWallets, Stripe
  • Analytics-Big Data, Hadoop, Kafka, Flink.
  • Location tracking: Google Places API, Core Location Framework, Google Maps.
  • Servers: NGINX, Apache.
  • Push notifications: Twillo, Firebase cloud messaging, Push, Amazon SNS, and Urban Airship.

The above skills will help you Build your own EV charging station finder app. You just need to Hire Dedicated Developers for these skills, or you need to create a iOS and Android App development team for them.

Why should I Invest in an EV Charging Station Finder App?

As we talked about in the introduction, there is a huge need to switch to electric vehicles. The level of pollution is increasing day by day.

Governments are trying to reduce and control the levels of pollution, but due to the population’s increasing day by day, they are not succeeding in this deed.

That is why we need to switch to something that is a great alternative for vehicles. Electric vehicles are the replacement for the vehicle’s companies.

These vehicles are the best because they’re zero-emission vehicles. Zero-emission vehicles are the demand of the hour.

Big brands of automobiles are trying to make up for their 52% overall sales of electric vehicles by 2030. The global market is going to increase by 27% from 2021 to 2030 in the case of electric vehicles.

The number of electric vehicles at this time in the whole world is estimated to be 4100K. The number of these vehicles is going to be more than 35,000K in 2030.

So, investing in such an app that helps to find an EV charging station will be the most profitable business idea of the future.

What are the Key Features to Develop an EV Charging Station Finder App?

If you want to develop an EV charging station finder app, you need to include some features in that app that can make you stand out. This is true, but there are some of the features that you must include in Develop an EV charging station finder app. 

They are mentioned below:-

These features are going to make your app user-friendly and trustable.

  1. Registration: This is one of the most important features of an EV charging station finder app. Whenever a new user installs your app, they should be able to register themselves within the app using their phone number or email ID. They can also register through their social media ID.
  1. User profile: Users should get the feature in which they can adjust or alter their profiles whenever they want. They can upload pictures of the stations, vehicles, and many more. The users should have all the facilities given in their profiles.
  1. Geolocation: This is the feature through which the user can get a navigation map route to reach the desired stations. They can also get a real-time view of the stations. They can get to know about the closest stations or those that fall along their route.
  1. Station details: This feature helps the users get some knowledge about the station that they are visiting. They get to know about the features, ratings, pictures, etc, of that station. They also get to know the price of the recharges, the address of the station, and also the name of the station.
  1. Filters: This feature helps the users to get what they want by making a bifurcation between the requirements. These filters have so many different fields of interest that one can choose easily.
  1. Slot booking: This is the most important feature of all. Users should be allowed to book their slots for charging their vehicles without going anywhere. It helps them to avoid long queues and save their time.
  1. Users’ ratings and reviews: This feature helps users rate their experience with the stations they are visiting. It can help the newcomers to the station learn the real situation of that station. This idea also gives the station owners an idea of what they need to enhance to give the best service to the customers.
  1. Various payment options: This feature helps users get a variety of ways to pay for the recharge. They can make the payment by whatever method they feel comfortable with. They can also pay through the app itself.
  1. Push notifications: This is also one of the most important features of all. Users receive notifications of their reminders, offers on the app, bookings, and many more.  
  1. Billing history: This feature helps the users keep a track record of the bills they have paid. It helps them keep track of their energy consumption and their payments for the vehicles. They can understand their patterns of usage and cycles.

How much does it Cost to Develop an EV Charging Station Finder App?

You cannot do anything these days without investing your money and time in it. In the above explanation, you must have got an idea of how many skills are required and the main features you need to Develop an EV Charging Station Finder App. 

Here we are going to discuss the cost to Develop an EV charging station finder app. 

The full process of designing, development, and costs ranges from $10,000 to $60,000.

Usually, the hourly cost for EV Charging Station Finder App Development is $25 to $55, and it takes 100 to 170 hours to develop this type of app.

The maintenance cost of this app is usually 15 to 20% of the total EV Charging Station Finder App development cost. After developing the app, it also requires maintenance. Some people provide a free six-month maintenance period, and some apply charges. 

The charges for the development are also based on the countries. US-based developers often charge $60 to $80 per hour, whereas Indian and European developers cost $30 to $60 per hour. 

Now the choice is yours with which developer or company you want to go with.

Wrapping it up The conclusion:

We have talked about the importance of electric vehicles and also about the demand for the future. After knowing all these facts, one cannot deny that the EV is the future of the world. 

If we know that they are going to be in the future, then why not invest in making an EV charging station finder app?

The demand for this project is also going to increase in the future. 

We, as a Mobile App Development Company, can help you achieve your dream of developing an EV charging station finder app. 

You can visit our website, or you can directly contact us through the given email and landline numbers. We will be more than happy to help you.

EV Charging Station Finder App
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