How to Hire a Dedicated Developer for Mobile App Development?


The need for hiring a dedicated mobile application developer arises when a business owner finally decides to launch a mobile app. Designing and developing a mobile app is a crucial process followed by a lot of technological algorithms. But yes, when you have finally decided to develop a mobile application, you need to hire a dedicated developer for your project.

Why hire a dedicated developer than a freelancer?

Before I share the difference between the two, do you know what a dedicated mobile app developer is? When you say you need to hire a mobile app developer who works dedicatedly for you, you are hiring it from a mobile app development company.

A mobile app development company like us provides different types of hiring models to clients. Clients are free to choose any of the models depending on their requirements and budget. But yes, when you hire a dedicated developer for both web and mobile from iCoderz Solutions- your business avails many benefits.

At iCoderz Solutions, we offer our clients to choose from the three different types of engagement models, these are:

  • Fixed-price
  • Time and material
  • Dedicated team


Depending on your business requirement, you can choose from any of these engagement models for developing a word-class mobile application with us.

Tips to Hire a dedicated developer for mobile app development

Now, let’s explore mobile app development by hiring the best developers from around you. To hire a mobile app developer who delivers the best, you need to follow a simple hunting step along with an interview questionnaire.

A.  Do not hustle

The first thing you need to follow while hiring a dedicated developer for your mobile app development is to stop hustling. Hustle can wrongly inspire you, and you might take a lot of wrong decisions in haste. Hence, the very first tip is to start your search for a developer with a wise and calm mind.

B.  Checklist the best app development companies

Once you are looking for app development companies online- you need to use the right tools and technology. How about checking about the top mobile app development companies on Clutch? Clutch gives you the best and most genuine results for mobile and web development companies as per the location requested.

C.  Study your market audience

After shorting the right online mobile application development companies, you need to check on your app audience. Hence, when you move ahead with the consultation to hire a dedicated developer for your project- you have got all the pre-study ready for your application market.

D.  Ask for online consultation

Next is requesting the company for an online consultation. Online consultation results in sharing your thoughts with the company, and on the same end, you also get an idea about the company’s overview and other stuff.

E.  Discuss requirements

The primary motive of having an online consultation with a mobile app development company is to discuss all the major stuff related to the mobile application. It can be the features, payment integrations, design, UI/UX, publishing guidelines, cost and deadline, hiring engagement model, and much more.

F.   Choose a mobile app development company.

After having a consultation with a few mobile app development companies, you need to make sure about the best app development company to hire a mobile app developer. Always compare the rates, the project team strength, and the company’s state-of-the-art infrastructure before finalizing a mobile app development company.

G.  Think about the long-term purpose

Before paying any advance or signing the NDA, you need to make sure that you will hire a dedicated developer for a long-term purpose. Hence, you need to choose the company by keeping in mind the long-term benefits of your business project.

H.  Get started!

Lastly, after completing all the formalities with the company- you move ahead and launch your mobile app development project. Next is to make sure your mobile app is made live using the right SEO publishing guidelines. Having your app published on Google play store or Apple store using the perfect SEO guidelines will help your app with more visibility and downloads.


These are some of the remarkable tips and steps to hire a dedicated developer for mobile app development requirements. Also, you can discuss more with our business consultant by logging on to our official website. We offer free mobile app development consultation to clients abroad.

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