6 Essential Features of a Taxi Booking App like Uber


Taxi booking applications like Uber are widely used in the world as it has brought the convenience for short and long distance travelling. Today, we can book our cabs in advance at any time of the day and night because of car rental apps like Uber, Lyft, and Ola. There is no need to hire an agency for booking your taxi as you get it all done via a taxi booking app like Uber.

With today’s blog post, we are highlighting six essential features of a taxi booking app. The features that are must have for making your car rental brand famous in the market.

Many clients approach us for designing and developing a taxi booking application. The first thing that they ask us is about the Uber-like features, and why not? Uber is one of the famous taxi-booking applications having a successful journey so far.

6 Must-Have Features of a Cab Booking App Like Uber

When you wish to build a cab booking application, you need to have two apps designed. One for the customer or passenger and the other for the driver. There is also an admin panel that needs to be designed for the cab rental owner for managing every bit of the taxi booking operations.

Next time, when you are consulting a taxi booking app development company- it is essential to take care of the following features. These are the must-have features.

#1: Enter Drop Location

Entering drop location is an important feature as the cab booking app will get to know where the passenger wants to head. Considering your ‘where to’ location, the taxi booking app will show you the estimated time and cost of your upcoming ride.

After entering the correct ‘where to’ location, the app will ask to confirm the ride for finding the nearest driver. Also, the drop location or where to locate is later followed by the live GPS tracking in-app feature for both driver and the passenger.

#2: Schedule a Ride

For taxi booking app development purposes, scheduling a ride is an important feature. It helps the passengers to book their ride well in advance. Many times the passengers want to schedule their ride in advance in order to make themselves feel secure about their cab timing. It helps you book your cab well-in-advance to help you manage your timings for the next meeting or head start.

#3: Choose Vehicle/Ride Type

The next important feature of taxi booking app development is the ‘choose vehicle and choose ride type’. Here the passenger can choose his/her vehicle as per convenience.

Ola allows the riders to choose from the available list of vehicles such as a van, sedan, auto, bike, SUV, etc. Depending on your need and requirement, you will move ahead with the right vehicle type.

Similarly, Uber has a ride type to choose from. The premium ride type comes with a luxurious car and good interior compared to the Uber Go ride type.

#4: Confirm/Cancel Ride

So, the next important feature is the Cancel and Confirm ride feature. After entering the correct where to or drop location, the passenger needs to click on the confirm ride button for confirming the ride.

Also, after confirming the ride if there is any change in the plan, the passenger can cancel the ride mentioning a reason. Uber charges a fixed fee for cancelling the ride after a particular time.

#5: Live GPS Tracking

Live GPS tracking helps the driver to reach the right location. The drop to the location is tracked live by the in-app map integration that allows the passenger as well as the driver to check the map and follow it for reaching the place with the safest route. It is generally a route tracking and guiding feature like Google Maps.

#6: Share a Review

Review and ratings are highly prominent for helping the drivers to get their deserved rating and feedback from the passengers. Reviews are also given by the drivers for the customers based on their behavior with them. There is an entire history of ride-sharing that helps both the drivers as well as the customers to know each other via in-app ratings and feedback.

Cost of building a taxi booking app like Uber

For designing and developing a taxi booking application like Uber, there are two ways of cost estimation. The first is building a taxi booking solution with customization or we can say full-stack development. The other is hiring a readymade taxi booking solution. When you hire a readymade taxi booking solution, you get the solution on a rental basis. It is one of the most cost-friendly options.


For building a taxi booking app like Uber, you must consult a taxi booking app development company like iCoderz Solutions. We help you get your cab booking application with the above-mentioned features and in-app integrations. At iCoderz, we help you build both fully customizable as well as readymade taxi booking solutions. Inquire more by logging on to www.icoderzsolutions.com.

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