5 Must-Have Features For Taxi Booking App Development


Mobility apps are definitely on the talk of the town. Well, can you imagine your life now without the existence of these car rental apps? These apps help us easily travel from our homes to shopping malls, airports, offices, railway stations, restaurants, clinics, or a friend’s house? A taxi booking app is an essential service for those who wish to travel from their current location to another place safely and conveniently.

Many carpooling service owners are launching their car booking apps by investing in taxi booking app development services. Suppose you are running a car rental service or a carpooling service anywhere in the USA, India, UAE, or UK. In that case, this blog will definitely guide you to the top five must-have features for your taxi booking apps like Uber, Lyft, and Ola.

Cab Booking App Development

A cab or taxi booking app development is a process of designing a taxi app from scratch. Before prototyping the app, the taxi booking app development company needs to know about the significant features and elements that a taxi booking app owner wishes to integrate.

Building a taxi or carpooling application is a bit challenging yet exciting task. There needs to be designed two different apps for helping the passengers book their cab or ride easily using a smartphone.

A.   Passenger App

A passenger app is a customer app or a user app that downloads the taxi booking app for booking a cab or ride. Here the customer signs up with the smartphone carpooling app and uses it for booking taxis online. Many elements help users conveniently book a ride, including the geolocation, live taxi booking status, driver information, in-app chat with the driver, ride-sharing button, digital payment option, and much more.

B.   Driver App

A driver application helps the cab booking company’s drivers to accept or reject the ride request sent by the passengers via the customer application. A few of the essential features of a driver app include driver profile update, riding history, driver rating, earnings history, etc.

Also, there is an admin panel designed by your cab booking app development company that helps the owner of the carpooling service to keep a watch on the ongoing business as per the location and time filters. In short, an admin panel allows you have a clear view of your ongoing business operations, including ongoing rides, canceled rides, driver earnings, total business earnings, etc.

5 Must-Have Features of a Taxi Booking App Like Uber

Here we reveal the top five features of a taxi booking app like Uber and Lyft. These features are highly crucial to embed in your cab booking application. Let’s explore!

1: Geolocation

Geolocation is an element that helps your application in detecting your current or live location. For example, the geolocation facility allows the taxi booking app to identify and set your pick-up location.

When a user or passenger opens the cab booking app to book a ride, the application automatically detects the user’s current location. It is feasible because of the geolocation element embedded in your app.

2: Set Drop Location       

The drop location is an important feature that helps the user set a location for the driver to identify the drop area or point. Here, the user specifies the drop location to help the driver get a clear idea about the distance from the pick to the drop location.

We have often observed Uber and Ola that the driver often cancels the ride after identifying the drop location. This is why the feature plays an essential role for the driver to understand whether the drop location is convenient for him or not.

3: Choose Vehicle Type

Choosing a vehicle type is an excellent feature that can be discussed with your taxi booking app development company. Here the app offers the choice of cab to the users before booking a ride. The couple or single riders often choose a sedan or hatchback. At the same time, riders select an SUV or van in a group of five or more.

How does it work?

When a rider selects an SUV, only those drivers will get the ride request driving an SUV or similar car. Such features narrow down the choice by helping the app intelligence to go more specific!

4: Confirm Ride and Cancel Ride

The confirm ride and cancel ride options are the driver app features. Once the customer app sends a request for a ride, the nearest driver app will get a notification. Then, depending on the availability, the nearest driver will accept the customer ride request.

Also, after confirming the ride, if the driver needs to cancel the ride due to any reason, the driver app has got an exclusive feature, cancel the ride. Here the driver can cancel the ride, and the notification is sent to the customer. Moreover, many car booking apps have got the feature to auto-assign the nearest driver once a driver cancels the ride request after accepting it.

5: Live Taxi Status Tracking

One of the essential features of a user app is tracking the driver’s status via Live GPS. Here the passenger can track the status of the journey through the ride. Also, the user can share the ride status with friends and family members by sharing the link of the ongoing ride. En-route is a crucial element for the driver app, helping him reach the drop location without hassles.

Bonus 6: In-App Driver Chat, Call & Payments

An exclusive yet essential feature is to allow the driver and passenger to have an in-app chat and call while booking the ride. It will help the driver inform the passenger on arrival or find difficulty in reaching the passenger’s location. One more feature is the in-app payments. The taxi booking app will allow the customer to pay directly via the in-app payment gateway using the most desired payment option. For the same, you need to consult your taxi booking app development company for integrating payment gateways in the app.

Are you building a cab booking app?

Mobility business is one of the most trending businesses. Increasing traffic and fuel charges are encouraging people to use cabs instead of their vehicles. If you wish to launch your cab booking app in the USA, UAE, or India- you must consult our taxi booking app development team at iCoderz Solutions. We help you build the most dynamic and feature-rich taxi booking app at iCoderz. Consult our team for more details by logging into our official website.

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