Top 5 Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

Top 5 Programming Languages for Mobile App Development | Android and iOS
Top 5 Programming Languages for Mobile App Development | Android and iOS

In this age of Technology Advancement, where everything is switching into digitalization and Automation, all you need to do is upgrade yourself and your company ASAP. Because if you don’t do that, you may fail just like a great brand “Nokia”. Yes, this is the company that had understated and is now paying its consequences.

But for advancing and a company which is trying to switch into Automation needs basic needs like Proper Mobile Application for its employees which can able to improve efficiency and can maximize the Work from the existing Workforce.

There are various kinds of Mobile Apps development, and they are Android App Development, iOS App Development. There are numerous app development companies in India, and they use different Coding languages in making these Apps

As there had been a survey been conducted earlier by ‘dscout’ back in 2016 that “Smartphone users touch their phone 2617 times each day, and spend an average of 145 daily minutes on their mobile phones.

And hence, through this, the most important task has been done, i.e. finding the targeted audience. Now that you had known the targeted audience and therefore we know that the mobile users are the most active ones we can attack them.

Nowadays, when Digital marketing continues to dominate the digital marketing realm, a lot of businesses are mostly trying to capitalize on the latest Mobile Technology. In essence, mobile Apps to majorly create brand awareness, and acquiring the customers and hence increase could able to increase the revenue.

The various kinds of programming languages are,

1.    Buildfire.js

The Buildfire.js is the programming language that leverages BuildFire SDK and JavaScript, which enables the developers to rapidly build mobile apps with the power of the BuildFire backend.

Now that the Build fire is enabled with 70 percent or more plugins that covers the common business use cases, developers only which are needed to build specific functionality that’s been proven to be unique to the client, rather than building it from scratch itself.

Through this what we could get is fast-paced quicker builds, hence fewer headaches and in a short time, more apps are getting built, and therefore the productivity has been maximized as well.

2.    Python

 Now that when we move to high-end programming languages that have been used, Python is one among them. It has been widely used in Web Development, App development, analyzing and computing scientific and Numeric data, creating desktop GUIs and software development as well.

Python is a powerful high-level language that can be used to create Android desktop apps even from scratch itself. And yes, you should also know that the most famous Dropbox has been made with the help of Python.

And various sites which are being made with the help of Python are -Calibre, YouTube, BitTorrent, Quora Reddit, Spotify, Instagram and many more.

3.    Java

Java is one of the most used app development languages. According to an agency Version Eye, which tracks the open-source software libraries, developers complete most projects on Java which has further been followed by Ruby.

Whereas Java stands at the number one place with a share of 23.4percent. Along with the giant Python at second place with a 13.7 % share. And now it reflects how JAVA is more favoured than other programming languages.%JAVA is further used in Android apps, dedicated server Apps, Web apps and various others.

4.    PHP

The PHP’s full form is Hypertext Pre-processor is a server-side scripting open-source language. It has been designed by Zend Technologies back in 1995.

It was earlier developed for websites, but it’s now also been used for general purpose Development today as well.

Besides server-side scripting, it has also been used for the command-line script and the coding application as well. PHP is primarily a coding language used for creating dynamic websites, but you can build Android and iOS Apps in PHP, according to Zend.

It has been used in Ecommerce Websites, creating GUI, Dynamic Websites, creating pdfs, WordPress plugin Development as well.

5.    Swift

It is an underrated programming language that has the potential to reshape the future; it is known as Swift. Apple Inc earlier released it. Back in June 2014 for iOS and Linux. It is primarily programming language used for iOS and OS x apps.

Swift is the fastest growing language, according to various agencies like TNW. Now that the Demand has increased exponentially by 600 percent, making them the most hired Developers. This is used in iOS software.

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