iCoderz Insights: May’s Blend of Innovation, Food, and Tech Tips

iCoderz Insights: May's Blend of Innovation, Food, and Tech Tips

Hey there, Hope you’re all doing great!

What a ride May has been, right? We at iCoderz have had a month brimming with events that celebrate our culture, well-being, and community.

So, grab a cuppa coffee, and let’s dive into this month’s stories that have made us smile, think, and, most importantly, come together.

Prioritize Your Health: Sleep Session

We had that cozy Sleep Session, where we learned how zzz’s are our superpower – who knew, right?

Our last HR session emphasized the importance of 8 hours of sleep for maintaining good health.

So, don’t give up on your dreams, and keep sleeping!

Prioritize Your Health: Sleep Session

Eating Together is Special.

And who could forget the Food Event? We shared meals and stories, and those moments just brought us all closer.

Enjoying a meal with others is a simple pleasure that brings joy and unites us. Seeing our iCoderz team smiling over lunch shows just how much. A Glimpse of our latest food event and everyone bonding over the food:

Eating Together is Special

International HR Day Celebration

Humans are the best resources, and in any company, the HR department plays a crucial role in building the company. On International HR Day, we gave a shoutout to the folks who keep us all glued together.

International HR Day Celebration

Tech Bytes: Exclusive Technology Tips for You!

Get simple-to-follow technology tips on our blog!

Want to Hire the Best iOS Developers? Learn How.

Finding a perfect iOS developer can be difficult. We have got you covered. Follow the simple tips on how to hire good iOS app developers.

How to Hire iOS App Developers?

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Website in 2024?

Embark on a journey of website development costs in 2024. Our guide helps you budget for design, development, and maintenance, ensuring a cost-effective web project.

How to Find Programmers for Your Startup?

Read our latest blog to find programmers for your start-up. Our guide lays out the essential steps and tips to find and hire the best programmers to grow your company.

And, What’s More? : We’ve crossed a whopping 9k followers on Linkedin!

That’s all of us, making our mark and growing together.

Follow us on Linkedin and Instagram to stay connected to learn more about this beautiful journey, or simply contact us!

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