How To Digitize Your Salon Business In 2024?

Digitize you salon business to increase profits

 If you plan to start up a salon business, there are different ways available to scale up the business. An on-demand Salon Booking App and management is possible as the correct solution in the digital world. The market size of the beauty and spa salon is increasing since 2017. It is the ideal time prevailing to enter the market with a salon booking and management application. It will provide better control over the operations.

As you know, technology is ruling everywhere, and the Beauty and salon industry is not an exception today. Creating the salon management application is essential so that the customer does not wait in a queue to get the services. You can have a look at the statistics of digitalizing salon business. It will provide accurate information before starting a business.

Statistics related to the beauty salon industry

Many people are curious to know that by salon business is trending over the global market. Some surprising statistics are available that will allow you better to understand the overview of the beauty and spa industry. Detailed market research has been done to gather complete information about the Salon Booking App. It has been categorized into various sections like customer behaviour and opening a salon. The collection of information about them is essential.

Behavioural changes of customers in the beauty and spa industry

The following are the statistics that show the differences in customers’ behaviour related to the salon industry.

  • According to the survey, there are more than 15 million regular visitors to the salon. The customers will demand professional hair coloring services at least four times in 6 months.
  • From 2016, there is a substantial growth in men’s hair lightening, and it has grown by 110%
  • The ages of 25 and 34 have represented 16.5% of the salon market. Both men and women customers are included in it for beauty and spa treatments.
  • Likewise, there is a boom in the balayage services, and it has grown up by 71% among customers.

In a nutshell, these are the statistics related to the changes in customers’ behaviour with the digitalization of the online salon booking app industry. The demand for the services is increasing because there is better control and management over the booking. An increase in the sale and revenue has been noticed from 2017 with changes in the salon industry.

Top reasons why salon owners require on-demand salon applications for their business?

Whether you have a stand-alone small beauty salon or have a franchisee of a brand, the development of a mobile application provides a competitive edge in the market. It is essential for salon owners to build an on-demand online salon booking app for better control and to book from the customers. The application does not have any human error with advancement in handling advanced customer bookings. It is one of the primary reasons for building an on-demand salon application for salon businesses.

Smartphone compatibility

According to the survey, 90% of people are spending their time on a mobile phone. The launching of a Salon Booking App Development is beneficial. Make sure that it is compatible with different platforms with appropriate customization options. It will expand the reach to the targeted consumers of the salon industry.

Immediate reviews of the services –

The development of an on-demand Salon Booking App will allow salon owners to get feedback and reviews on the search engine. The customers are sharing their positive experiences with the services and build a long-lasting relationship with the brand. It is possible with the development of an on-demand application.

Push notifications boost customer loyalty – 

The on-demand Salon Appointment Booking Solution provides push notifications with sending coupons. It will help in boosting the loyalty of customers and higher retention rate. The management of the online booking is possible using SMS alerts, and tracking the inventory is possible at your fingertips.

Boost sale of salon industry –

With the creation of Salon Appointment Booking Solution, there is a dramatic boost in the sales of the salon and beauty industry. It also saves the time and efforts of salon owners to reach new heights.

Thus, these are the reasons for using the on-demand application for the salon and Beauty spa industry. An increase in sales and revenue is possible with better control.

Different types of beauty salon application

Some of the beauty salon applications available in the market are listed below. It will provide you with an idea depending upon the business needs and budget. You can have a look at the types of salon applications before hiring a Salon App Development Company.

  • Beauty and wellness application
  • Hair and beauty salon application
  • Hair and beauty product selling application
  • The complete beauty service solution
  • Salon appointment booking application
  • Application for hairdresser
  • Beauty salon mobile application

Top features to develop beauty salon booking and management application

The following rule of thumb to create a perfect application is not the proper criteria. There is a need to understand the needs and requirements of customers. A list of the features is provided that Salon App Development Company needs to look for developing a booking and management application.

1.    Registration 

The application should allow the customers to do a simple authentication process and provide basic details such as name and mobile number with email id.

2.    Login

There is a need for an easy and simple login process. It will allow the customers to create an account from multiple options. The compatibility of the social platform and mobile number is essential to do the login.

3.    Service list

A service list should be provided for booking the salon services. It may display all the different types of salon services, including beauty services, hair services, body massage services, etc.

4.    Salon stylist selection

There should be a different option available to mention the locations of the branch so that users can select the stylish according to their specifications.

5.    Booking appointment –

An additional feature to book an advance and works by simply clicking on the book now button should be available on the booking and management application.

6.    Payment options

Multiple payment gateways should be provided like a debit card or credit card, or net banking for the users’ convenience.

7.    Rating and feedback

An option for immediate ratings and reviews should be provided in the application to know about the customers’ experience.

8.    Push notifications

There should be a feature of alert messages that will remind the customers about the appointments and offers provided through the booking and management application. It will also provide discounts on the deals.

Thus, these are the main features that should be included in the booking and management application for the salon industry. It will contribute to the more development and sale of the salon industry in the digitalized world.

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