10-Minute Instant Food Delivery by Zomato [ Coming Soon ]

10-Minute Instant Food Delivery


Is a 10-minute instant food delivery possible? Or will it be risky for delivery drivers? Twitter was flooded with all such questions yesterday on the announcement of the Zomato 10-minute food delivery service. Excited to know the details, get into the insights of the first-ever 10-minute food delivery service in this blog. 

What is Zomato Instant?

Zomato Instant is the 10-minute Food Delivery service that Zomato Announced yesterday on Twitter. The Instant food delivery service by Zomato will start from April in Gurugram. 

As per Zomato instant, now people can receive and enjoy hot restaurant food right at their desired places in just 10 minutes of placing the order. Further, the Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal promised no compromise in food quality. 

Why 10-Minute Instant Food Delivery by Zomato?

Customers are increasingly choosing restaurants that offer the fastest deliveries. As per Zomato, it is much needed to meet the customers’ demands to stay relevant in the industry. Else, they will get obsolete. Further, they feel the 30-minute average delivery time by Zomato is too slow. 

Thus, to stay ahead in the competition and not get obsolete, they planned Zomato instant- the 10-minute food delivery service. 

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How will 10-Minute Instant Food Delivery be Possible? 

No food giant has ever promised such an instant food delivery before. Delivery of hot and fresh food in 10 minutes seems impossible. Zomato is going to be the first-ever to make this possible. But how? 

Will it put Extra Pressure on the Delivery Partners? 

Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal made it very clear that no delivery partner will get extra burden or pressure to fulfill their quick delivery promise. They do care about the safety of their delivery partners and will not put any lives at risk.

According to Zomato, they will use two advanced methods to make it happen. 

First, they have a dense network of finishing stations. These finishing stations are located very close to the areas where they get high demands. Further, they will keep 20-30 bestseller dishes from various restaurants on these stations. The choice of dishes will be based on demand predictability and hyperlocal preferences.

So, the delivery drivers can instantly dispatch food parcels from these stations in under 10 minutes. 

Secondly, Zomato will use a dish-level demand prediction algorithm to check the food quality. The sophisticated algorithm will ensure the food is sterile, fresh, and hot at delivery time. 

As per Zomato, Zomato Instant will never Compromise on these Eight Principles:

  1. Affordable Home-Cooked Food
  2. Fresh & Highest Quality Food
  3. Secure Hygiene Practices
  4. Less Use of Plastic Packaging
  5. Easy & Convenient Packaging 
  6. Supply Chain Tracking
  7. No Risk for Delivery Partners
  8. Deep Collaboration with Restaurants

Instant Food Delivery Zomato- Verdict

The Zomato Instant is one of the most significant endeavors by Zomato. The 10-minute instant food delivery service will be the world’s first quickest food delivery service. 

As per Zomato, it will benefit customers in many ways. Firstly, they will get their food deliveries in much less time. Secondly, the prices will be affordable with no compromise in quality. The Zomato instant will help Zomato increase sales immensely.

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10-Minute Instant Food Delivery
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